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School Rules

1.Students should arrive at School in time. Late comers shall be fined. The intention of the fine is to inculcate the value of punctuality in the young minds.

2.Studnets are required to attend school in the prescribed uniform.Improperly dressed students will not be allowed to enter the class.Students who are habitually dressed untidily and improperly shodded will be fined.

3.No students should leave the school premises during the School hours without the Principal's / Vice Principal's permission. Parents are requested not to send the sick child to the school.

4.Parents should ensure that their ward returns home immediately after the school gets over.

5.Parents / Guardians should ensure that only reading material connected with academic affairs in the Class-room should be brought to school by their wards.

6. English must be spoken at all times in the school premises.

7. Any kind of damage to school property will be paid by the student (s) concerned.

8. The school is not responsible for goods lost. Parents are requested not to allow their children to wear jewellery and bring expensive articles or money to school.

9. Students must return to school promptly after holidays. Irregular attendance, habitual idleness, disobedience and conduct injurious to the moral tone of the school are reasons for dismissal of a student.

10.The intended withdrawal of a student should be intimated to the Principal, in writing with sufficient reason and valid document, one month in advance. A fee of Rs. 500/- is charged for the issue of a Transfer Certificate. Application for T.C. should be submitted at least seven days before the date on which the T.C. is required.

11.Parents and guardians are requested to enforce regularity and discipline and see that their children prepare their lessons and do their home tasks

12.A. If the parent will not pay the school due in stipulated time in April (1st Quarter), July (2nd Quarter) and November ber (3rd Quarter) then delay of 1st 15 days Rs. 500/- will be charged as fine. e. Completion etion of 1 month Rs. 1000/- will be charged as fine. If non-payment of school fees continue, the name of the pupil will be struck up without prior notice.

12.B.The struck up students shall not be allowed to avail school transport and not be allowed to appear the examination.

12.C.The struck up students may be allowed to continue in the same class by giving an application with sufficient reason to the principal by paying Rs.5000/-.

13.For issue of duplicate Progress Report Rs. 50/- will be charged.

14.If for any reason, the collection counter is closed on the scheduled date for payment of fees, the fees should be paid on the following working day.

15.Students who have been absent, for any reason, from the sass must bring ng a leave letter from their parents stating the cause of absence. The letter should be given to the Principal / Vice-Principal. In case, a child suffers from any sickness for a long period, it should be intimated to the Principal within one week.

16.When the school is in session, no parents will be allowed to meet their Child/Ward without the Principal's / Vice-Principal's permission.

17.Railway Journey concession will be issued only for the two major vacations : Summer Vacation and Durga Pooja. Application for Railway Concession should be submitted to the school office at least 10 days in advance. Railway Concession will only be issued to students who are eligible for it as per the rules of the Railways Board given below.

(i)Native place of the student or

(ii)The place where the parents or the guardians of the student normally reside, or

(iii) The place where either of the parents or the guardians of the students are residing at that time.

18.Parents/Guardians are requested to examine the Notice Board when they come to school.

19.Any pupil who resorts to malpractice in the examination will be seriously viewed depending on the gravity of the offence.

20.Attendance on all school days up to the commencement of examination is mandatory. Students who remain absent during the week preceding the examination may not be allowed to appear at the examination or may be otherwise penalised.

21. School authorities and office personnel may be contacted by telephone only between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 P.M.

22. Parents/Guardians are advised to check the school diary daily for any notice or instruction from the school and in and out S M S for attendance.

23.Parents/Guardians are required to make themselves available for parent-teacher meeting as and when notified.


Nursery to UKG (Boys/Girls) :-

Baba Pant/Skirt + Blue Shirt + Socks + Shoes + Neck tie + Belt

STD I to IV (Boys/Gids) :-

Half PantlTunic + Shirt + Socks + Shoes + Neck tie + Belt

STD V to XII (Boys/Giris) :-

Full Pant/Tunic + Shirt + Socks + Shoes + Neck tie + Belt

For Girls :-

In Summer - Half Leggings
In Winter - Full Leggings

For Boys/Gids :-

Blazer in winter (Prescribed by school)



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