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Shree Krishna International School

Plot No. 96, Malipada, Bhubaneshwar
Affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi
Mob.: 8260022022, 7894508044
Email:, website:

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Application No. Regd No. Date of Admission:
Name of the child (Please fill in BLOCK letters):
First Name:*
Middle Name:
Last Name:*
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Date of Birth:*
In Words:
Blood Group: Nationality:*
Aadhar No.: Select the class to which admission is sought:*
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Permanent Address
a) Name and Address of the last school attended
b) Percentage Scored in the last exam
Family Particular
Staying in: Nuclear Joint Family
Hobby of the Child/Interest in the field of:
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Whether want to avail School transport:* Yes  No Hostel:* Yes  No
Payment Details:
Cash/DD/Cheque No.: Made on Date: Bank Name: Branch: Amount
Declaration by parents:
a) The registration made herein does in no way entitle my ward to be admitted to the school.
b) I/We have made careful note of various details regarding the payment of school fees. I/we have made satisfactory arrangements for remittance of school fees by 10th of every month. I understand that an upward revision per annum is permissible in the school dues if required.
c) I understand that rendering false or misleading information or incorrect information may disqualify the child.
d) Having read carefully the rules, regulation and procedures laid down in the school prospectus and being desrious of having my ward educated in SKIS, Bhubaneshwar. I hereby agree to abide by them and changes thereafter in all respects. I undertake that the decision of the Principal shall be final and binding.
Date: Signature Father: Signature Mother:
Instruction to parents:
The registration form should reach by the last date and time as notified. Filling up the entire form is mandatory. Incomplete Form may not be considered at all.
Documents to be attached:
a) A photocopy of the Birth Certificate of the child.
b) Transfer Certificate of previous class.
c) Photo copy of Aadhar Card of parents.
d) A photocopy of the Birth Certificate of the child.